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Timidbreeze's Application by TimidCute Timidbreeze's Application by TimidCute
"A breeze is just a timid whisper."


Name: Timidkit| Timidpaw | Timidbreeze
Nicknames: Timid, Mama, Mother Timid, Mama Timid
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Nursery Helper/ Permanent Queen
Age: 12 Moons + 
DOB: May 4th, 2013
Mentor: Barleyleap
Apprentice: N/A
Clan: Moonclan



{shy} {caring} {skittish} {worrisome} {submissive} {polite} {protective}

Shy: Timidbreeze's name gives this one away, as she is quite shy around those whom she doesn't know. Though she can still be shy and nervous around those she DOES know, but most cat's are used to her stutter and nervous glances to avoid eye contact.

Caring: To every kit and young apprentice in Moonclan, Timidbreeze is the most caring, loving, and protective she-cat in their lives. She may not replace their mothers or fathers, but Timidbreeze is the older sister that every kit goes to when they need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to. She's patient, and quiet, willing to listen to any story or issue that is on any kit's mind.

Skittish: Something Timidbreeze hasn't quite grown out of, is her skittish nature. In fact, she seems even more so now since her run-in with the Snowclan apprentice. Timidbreeze absolutely refuses to leave the Moonclan camp for any reason- unless Fallenshadow or any other close friend is with her. She's jumpy when she's uncomfortable; and always seems to be glancing around for danger when she's alone.

Worrisome: Timidbreeze worries about everything. She worries about her younger siblings growing up to be healthy. She worries about the voices that¬ plague Fallenstar. She worries that she's going to fail Moonclan as a nursery helper. She worries that because of the massive scar on her belly, her pregnancy may not end well...

Submissive: Timidbreeze prefers to watch the other cat's go about their daily routine, rather than interact with them herself. She sees fighting and training to fight, as a show of dominance- which she is not. Whenever another cat chooses to approach her, she immediately shrinks down to the ground, often adverting her eyes, showing that she does not wish to fight or play. She actually worries that her submissiveness may get her killed...

Polite: Never speaking unless spoken to, Timidbreeze always remembers her manners. She often times remains quiets, believing that if she is a good listener, the other cats of the clan may feel as if they have someone to talk to. She also never ends a conversation without saying 'good day,' or 'thank you.'
Protective: As a mother, Timidbreeze take's being so VERY seriously. She act's as a mother to not only her own kit's, but all the kit's of the nursery. Timidbreeze is the queen to go to when a kit need's to be disciplined, or given some extra cuddles.



Breed: Tuxedo

Pelt: Timidbreeze has a typical Tuxedo pelt, though her white mask just covers her muzzle, and "grows" between her eyes. Her front toes are white, as are her back feet up to her ankles. She is otherwise black, with medium length, soft and downy fur. She never really grew out of her kit-like pelt, so it tends to feel softer than an average adult female's pelt should.

Body: Timidbreeze is very small for her age, and seem's to have stopped growing altogether. She's light in weight, and very thin as well, though due to her longer pelt, she doesn't seem very thin. She has dainty paws, and a fluffy tail of average length. Her legs are slim, which helps her to be more graceful, though they don't come in handy with speed or strength. Her claws are short, and trimmed, never used to harm another. She has a small build altogether.

Face: Timidbreeze's eyes are a pretty emerald green- matching those of her mate, Fallenstar. She has a light pink nose, with thin white whiskers, and her muzzle is of average length for a she-cat her size. Her ears are of average length as well, though a little more forward on her head than normal. She has excellent hearing, due to this.

Pawpads: Timidbreeze's pawpad's are the same pink color as her nose, with a few black speckles and spots here and there. She inherited this trait from her father, Bravenight.

Scars: Due to an unfortunate run-in with a Snowclan Apprentice, Timidbreeze now bears a long, and ugly scar on her underbelly, that reaches from one side to the other. She also has a small scar above her right eye, though it's hidden under her fur. A few scars can be seen on her hind legs, and lower back as well, though they are usually well hidden under her long fur.



Out of 5 *****

Power: * Timidbreeze is very small, so she's not at all powerful.

Speed: *** Timidbreeze is actually decently fast, though she doesn't run around in circles enough to really know.

Grace: ***** Due to her small size and nimble features, Timidbreeze is actually very graceful. She does tend to trip over her own paws ever now and then, though she'll grow out of that as she ages.

Endurance: **** Timidbreeze hasn't really needed to see how long she can last in a fight, or doing anything physical really- but she can go out and hunt for herbs and moss for hours at a time.

Accuracy: *** Timidbreeze isn't the best huntress, and she doesn't plan on getting any better.

Tactics: * Timidbreeze grows nervous when asked for advice, therefore she usually shuts down and avoids eye contact.




Nurturing: Timidbreeze is naturally motherly, and has a knack for taking care of kits. She knows just what to do to calm a saddened kit, or to heal an injured kit. Being a nursery helper seems to be her calling in life.

Kind: No matter what it is you believe you've done, no matter how horrible it is, or how terrible you feel- Timidbreeze understands. She will sit there with you, and listen to all of your problems. And she will help you to feel better.

Trusting: Most cats would see this as a fault, but Timidbreeze feel's that everycat needs to be given the opportunity to be trusted, in order to prove themselves. She willingly trusts everycat whom comes into her life, and she will follow blindly those who gain the status as a true friend of hers.

Graceful: Timidbreeze is quite graceful in all of her movements. She almost looks as if gliding across ice when she walks, and she's very skilled with dodging obstacles when running through the forest. This would be helpful if she were to go hunting- but she isn't a hunter.

Hearing: Don't be sharing secrets nearby, or gossiping about her, because Timidbreeze WILL hear you. Her keen sense of hearing is outstanding, and has proved useful many times.


Naive: Timidbreeze isn't the brightest she-cat, so sometimes things can go right over her head.

Hunting: Kill an animal? No, she won't do it. Neither will she even attempt it, for she believe's she's a horrible pouncer anyways..

Fighting: Not being very strong has it's downsides, for if Timidbreeze ever had to fight, she would surly be on the defensive. She's afraid that her lack of fighting skills may get her killed..

Shy: Being shy isn't always bad, but it is when it comes to meeting new cats. If Timidbreeze were to run into a stray cat outside of camp, she would surely freeze up, and possibly panic. It's not easy being scared of everything.

Climbing: She isn't scared of heights like her father, Timidbreeze just isn't a good climber is all.



When she was first born, Timidkit's real mother gave her the name of Sunflower- to match the naturalistic names of her siblings. At only a few days old, however, the little tuxedo's mother died of cold, as well as her 5 siblings. She was about to parish herself, only to be saved by Morningshine, a she-cat who happened to be wandering by. She gave the tuxedo a new name, and brought her to Moonclan, where she nursed her back to health.
As Timidkit grew older, it was discovered that her name matched her quite well- for she was almost always alone, and hiding. She developed a habit of watching the other cats in camp, and listening in on their conversations. She grew to know almost everyone this way, though they didn't all know her.
It wasn't long before her mother adopted another kit, who had been abandoned inside of Moonclan's border. At first, she hated Fuzzykit, believing that she would take Timid's only true friend and family away. But after some time, she warmed up to the idea of having a sister, and grew to love Fuzzykit very much (even going as far as to clean up the messes she got herself into).
During this time, she had accidentally become friends with Fallenkit, though she didn't mind having his company. She grew closer to him by the day, and even began to come out of her shell a little, making more friends among her denmates.
Unfortunately, when Timidkit was only 4 moons old, she lost her mother to a horrible fox accident in the nursery. Unbeknownst to her, Fallenkit and Wishkit were the cause of this disaster, even killing her future mentor. Timidkit felt rather lost and confused, wondering if Starclan was punishing her for surviving when her birth mother and siblings did not. She became friends with Skykit during this time, the calico helping her to realize that she had to move on, and continue to be there for her younger sister, Fuzzykit.
Only a few days before her age of 6 moons, the once Loner of Moonclan, now a warrior, Bravenight, approached her. He revealed to her that he was, in fact, her real father, and wished to be together as family. She accepted his offer, finally feeling as though the pieces were falling back into place for her life. Barleyleap had become a sort of "big sister" figure at this point as well, giving Timidkit a real family to love, and be loved by.

Timidpaw has really come out of her shell since her becoming of an apprentice. She is very glad that Barleyleap is her mentor, for that means she gets to spend more time with her than ever before. One her first day, she was introduced to snow- the most magical, and mystical of all of everything that Timidpaw has ever seen. Because of this, Timidpaw now wants to see the world as magical, and beautiful. She has even decided that any kit, or 'paw who doesn't have a family, is now apart of her family. She has adopted Endlesskit as a sister.
But it wasn't long since her first outing that Barleyleap went into labor- early. Because of this, one of her 3 kit's was born dead, and there was nothing anycat could do about it. Watching the sadness that took hold of Barleyleap's heart crushed Timidpaw, making her vow to never let her mentor, and big sister, feel that way again. From that moment on, she's been extremely protective of Barleyleap's kits, Mosskit, and Kestrelkit. In her eyes, they are her little sisters/nieces, and she will always be there for them.
Timidpaw spent all of her time in the nursery, or outside of camp, looking for things to make the nursery more comfortable and safe. She had opened up considerably, and is very friendly with all the Moonclan kits.
As Timidpaw neared the end of her apprenticeship, she was told that Mosskit had ran away from Moonclan, and wandered towards Snowclan. Fearful for the kit's safety, Timidpaw went after the kit, resulting in getting into a fight with a Snowclan apprentice, Nettlepaw. But due to her lack of fighting knowledge, and fear for the kit, Timidpaw did not fight back. This resulted in her getting seriously wounded, a long and deep cut racing across her belly. She was lucky that Nettlepaw hadn't cut any deeper, for if she had, she would have surely killed Timidpaw.
Timidpaw spent most of the last of her days as an apprentice in Breezemoon's den, healing slowly, and sleeping. She was released from his den only a few days prior to her naming ceremony, and spent most of her time in her nest in the apprentices den.

10-12 Moons:
Since becoming a true warrior, Timidbreeze hoped to not let Moonclan down as a permanent queen, and nursery helper. She spent the first part of her warriorship in her nest, still resting and healing from the attack at the Snowclan border. She healed soon enough, though Breezemoon told her that the wound that ran across her belly, would forever mean that she cannot have kit's. If she ever did get pregnant, she would have an extremely risky pregnancy, and the possibility of herself and her kits dying, would be high. 
Unfortunately, not long after Fallenshadow took the spot as leader, becoming Fallenstar, Timidbreeze was given the news from Breezemoon, that she was indeed, pregnant. Terrified of her upcoming death, she went to Barleyleap for advice. As they talked, she decided that she must hide her pregnancy, in order to keep Fallenstar from being distracted as Moonclan's leader. She didn't want to worry him, or make things more complicated in his life. To achieve this, she decided that nobody but Barleyleap and Breezemoon could know, for she wasn't sure she could trust anyone with this huge secret. She stayed in the nursery, avoiding everyone during the period of her pregnancy.
Before Timidbreeze's own kitting, her friend Frecklewish had three she-kits and a tom on April 8th- but sadly, Frecklewish passed soon after. Timidbreeze felt she owed Frecklewish, for she had tried to help her understand that her kits needed life- even if Starclan took her own. She adopted the three she-kits who lived, Cottenkit, Milkkit, and Dandelionkit, in order to give them the love and milk they needed. She became their mother, for the little time she felt she had.
On April 13th, Timidbreeze gave birth to three kits: two she-kits and a tom. Sadly, the tom was born a stillborn, and given the name Muddykit before Breezemoon took him to bury. Shortly after the birth of the kits, Timidbreeze and Fallenstar had a sort of "falling out." Fallenstar told her that he was not the father of these kits- for their own safety. This resulted in Timidbreeze feeling rather depressed and alone. She tried to stay happy for her kits, but she had the tendency to fall into seriously dark moods without warning.

12 Moons +:
After the Pebbleclan raid, Breezemoon approached Timidbreeze with a problem. Somehow, a young hairless kit from Pebbleclan ended up in his den, and he wouldn't calm down. After a few soothing words, Timidbreeze was able to carry the small tom to her nest. She learned his name was Tornkit, and decided to take him as her own- just as she did with Frecklewish's kits. She secretly thanks Starclan, for she feel's Tornkit was given to her as a way to heal her heart from losing Muddykit- though he would never replace her stillborn son. 
Timidbreeze still falls into dark moods from time to time.



    ~Current Mate: Fallenstar(?)

    ~First Litter: Vixenkit, Morningkit, Muddykit 
    ~Adopted Litter: Cottenkit, Milkkit, Dandelionkit, Tornkit

    ~Birth Mother: Rosie
    ~Birth Father: Bravenight (Knight)
    ~Adoptive Mothers: Morningshine, Softclaw

    ~Birth Siblings: Lilly, Tulip, Oak, Willow, Aspen
    ~Half Siblings: Sootkit, Speckledkit, Springkit, Dovekit
    ~Adoptive Siblings: Fuzzybee, Barleyleap, Sorrelfox

    ~Grandmothers: Queen, Rosemary
    ~Grandfathers: King, Hickory

Other Family:
    ~Uncles: Goldflame (Jake), Prince, Duke
    ~Aunts: Princess, Duchess
    ~Nephews: Harekit, Saplingpaw
    ~Nieces: Kestrelpaw, Mosspaw

Timidbreeze's Family tree:


:bulletpurple: - Moonclan Cat
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: - Nursery
:bulletblue: - Related
:bulletblue::bulletblue: - Immediate Family
:bulletgreen: - Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: - Best Friend
:bulletpink: - Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: - Mate
:bulletred: - Rival/Feared
:bulletred::bulletred: - Greatly feared/Enemy
:bulletyellow: - Stranger/Unknown
:bulletorange: - Other Clan Cat
Strikeout - Deceased


.: Clan Cats :.

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletblue:Fallenstar: Since the birth of their kits, Fallenstar had disowned them, claiming that in order to keep them safe, he needed to avoid them. This broke Timidbreeze's heart, thus resulting in her mixed feelings about the whole situation. She still loves him unconditionally, but she isn't sure if he considers her his mate anymore. Maybe someday, once the dark cats are gone, they can be a proper family. All she can do is hope. And pray. 

:bulletpurple:Spiceshadow: A decent tomcat, and a tactical thinker. Timidbreeze can see why Fallenstar chose him to be his deputy, for Spiceshadow surely is mature, smart, and a good leader. She wants to get to know him better, seeing as he'll be around a lot- but now's not the time. 

:bulletpurple:Breezemoon: He is the current medicine cat, and a good one at that. Timidbreeze is very thankful for his healing ways, and kind nature. He's saved her life almost twice now, and she's forever grateful to him. Hopefully he can save her again.. when the time comes. 

:bulletpurple:Quietbrook: Quietbrook seems to be a very nice warrior, and Timidbreeze is very glad for her comfort in these hard times. She also really appreciates this she-cat's knowledge of healing- even if it isn't as good as a medicine cats. She thinks her kit's are smart and adorable.

:bulletpurple:Eagletalon: This scary tomcat has always seemed frightening to Timidbreeze- though she's beginning to recognize some softness to him. Her ideal concept of him was that he was the creepy tom, who hid in the dark corners of camp, staring at others. But now, she thinks he can be, well, a little less creepy than that. Maybe.

:bulletpurple:Mossheart: The ex-Dawnclan deputy has been staying in the nursery for a while now, and Timidbreeze has grown used to seeing her around. She hasn't really spoken to the queen much herself, though she thinks she's a really pretty she-cat. She also knows that she is really good friends with Softclaw- so, Timidbreeze is pretty sure that means she's nice. 

:bulletred::bulletred:Deadsoul: What a fitting new name for Wishspirit. Timidbreeze doesn't dare look at him, for she feel's as though he's plotting her demise with every glance. 

:bulletpurple:Dullsky: Frecklewish's mate, and the father of Cottenkit, Milkkit, and Dandelionkit. Timidbreeze feel's he has all the right in the world to see his kits, and is completely open to him being in their lives. She hopes she can be friends with him in time, in order to help take care of the kits in a proper way. She wants them to know their father- even if he's not Fallenstar.

:bulletpurple:Lostpaw: As long as Lostpaw stays away from Timidbreeze's kits, she doesn't mind her.

:bulletpurple:Mothpaw: The medicine cat apprentice! Timidbreeze can't think of any other cat who is worthy enough for this role. Not only is Mothpaw a true gentleman, but he's sweet, eager to learn, and very caring. She is very proud of him

:bulletpurple:Finchpaw: Another one of Quietbrook's kits, and a little gentleman. Timidbreeze thinks he acts a bit like Springkit, which makes him easier to handle. He seems to like to play games just as any other kit, and has his own share of nightmares. She see's a lot of potential in him.¬ 

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:Puddlepaw: This little cutie is one of Timidbreeze's favorites as well. She see's a little of Skypaw in Puddlekit's playful personality, and see's a lot of potential in her. Her boundless energy is hard to keep up with, but surely she has to slow down sometime. Right?

:bulletpurple:Mumblepaw: For some reason, Fallenstar has taken this young apprentice on as his own. Timidbreeze can't help but feel a little angry at him, for he seem's to love this small tom more than his own kits! She doesn't blame Mumblepaw- she's just confused and, frankly, angry.

.: Nursery :.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:Primrosekit: A real sweetheart, and a gem to have in the nursery, Timidbreeze has tried to get Primrosekit to talk to her more, and establish a real relationship. Her efforts have fallen short so far- but not for long!

.: Friends :.

:bulletgreen:Birchpaw: The kit's all grow up so fast! Timidbreeze can still remember when Birchpaw was Birchkit, stumbling over his own paws to help her in the nursery! Now that he's an apprentice, she won't see him as often- but she doesn't mind. Perhaps he could still help her around the nursery, if she can catch him alone.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Endlessrain: Endlessrain was one of Timidbreeze's first friends, and she still see's her as though- even though they don't talk much anymore.

:bulletgreen:Skypaw: Timidbreeze thinks that Skypaw is crazy- in a good way. She's sweet and adventurous, kind and somewhat dingy. But, every cat is different, and Skypaw is no exception. Timidbreeze hopes to get even closer to her one day as a friend, and perhaps, save her from doing something REALLY stupid.

:bulletgreen:Marigoldpaw: Timidbreeze actually likes Marigoldpaw, a lot. She thinks that she is a brave she-cat, who is very pretty like her sister, Skypaw. She hopes to talk to her more, often enjoying the conversations that she has had with her in the past.

:bulletgreen:Creampaw: This she-cat is kind of pushy, but that's okay. Timidbreeze thinks that Creampaw has the right to be pushy- she IS the leaders daughter after all. And she's smart. And she's pretty. And she has the ambition to go anywhere, and do anything she wants. And the fact that Creampaw is her father's apprentice, just means that she must have a heart of gold- for Timidbreeze's father see's the good in everycat.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Jadesnow: In the short amount of time that Timidbreeze has known Jadesnow, she feels that they can be very close friends. Jadesnow has taken on a kind of motherly role with Timidbreeze- but she doesn't mind. She likes knowing that she has someone to watch over her in that way. She also appreciates knowing that they can talk about anything, and she especially appreciates knowing that she can be herself in front of her. She just.. tries to avoid the topic of Fallenstar.

:bulletgreen:Willowpool: Willowpool is a new queen in the nursery, and like all new queens, she has her insecurities. Timidbreeze is trying her best to help Willowpool stay relaxed and comfortable.. though it's hard to talk to her with that huge secret hanging above her head. Hopefully she won't slip up somehow...

.: Family :.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Bravenight: Timidbreeze is so thankful for having Bravenight in her life. She loves knowing she has a father to go to for anything, either for advice, or just to talk. She finds his stories to be entertaining, and she feel's really loved with how overprotective he is of her. She is so very thankful.

:bulletblue:Fuzzybee: Timidbreeze is glad to have Fuzzybee in her life, even if they don't see each other as much any more. She find's it strange how, when they were kits, they almost relied on each other as sister's for everything. Now that they're both all grown up, it's like they don't need each other as much. Of course, Timidbreeze is determined to keep their friendship, and sisterly bond. The problem is, it's hard to keep a close bond, when you're holding onto a secret that could ruin lives- including your own.

:bulletblue:Barleyleap: Timidbreeze looks up to Barleyleap. She is very thankful that her former mentor, and big sister, is willing to help her keep her pregnancy a secret. She believe's that since she now has a secret of her own to keep, Barleyleap is the perfect cat to help her keep it hidden.

:bulletblue:Softclaw: Timidbreeze has always liked Softclaw, and is really happy that she is her father's mate! She hopes that they are happy together, and is glad that this technically makes Softclaw her new mother. Softclaw's kits with her father are just too adorable, and Timidbreeze is so thankful that they are her younger siblings.

:bulletblue:Kestrelpaw: Timidbreeze can hardly believe that the twins are apprentices now! She feel's quite grateful that her mate chose Hazefire to be Kessy's mentor, seeing as he's a decent tom. She feel's prouder every day, watching as Kessy grows from being a premature kit, to a full-fledged warrior.

:bulletblue:Mosspaw: After that incident at the Snowclan border, Timidbreeze has noticed that Mosspaw seem's more shaken than she used to be. She's thankful that Fallenstar chose a sweet and caring mentor for her little niece, and hopes that Mosspaw can come out of her shell enough to make some friends. Timidbreeze still watches her closely, however, just in case.

:bulletblue:Saplingpaw: This little pawful has finally become a big pawful! Timidbreeze feel's so proud of him, becoming an apprentice and all. She can't help but feel a little relief as well, for this means she doesn't have to watch him anymore!

:bulletblue:Sorrelfox: He saved her life.. Timidbreeze isn't sure if she could ever repay him. She's forever grateful to him, however, and hopes to one day be able to show him how thankful she really is. For now, keeping his and Barleyleap's secret seem's to be enough. That, and letting him watch the young apprentices when she isn't around.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Sootkit: Timidbreeze's eldest of the younger brothers, Sootkit, is by far the one she admire's the most. He seem's very mature for his age, which is a big help to her, seeing as he's one less kit to worry about. He help's her watch his younger siblings as well, and is very well mannered for a young tomkit. She see's the more charming and polite side of their father in him.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Speckledkit: By far the biggest kit in the whole nursery, Speckledkit is a pawful! He doesn't mean to, but he tends to get himself into a lot of trouble- which means more work for Timidbreeze in the end. But, she doesn't mind, for she know's he means well. She does love to cuddle with him though, and has noticed that he finds bath time to be quite enjoyable- unlike his younger siblings.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Springkit: The smallest of the three brothers, Timidbreeze finds herself keeping a closer eye on Springkit. She feel's he can handle himself quite well, though he is a bit dramatic. It's a wonder how he'll do as an apprentice, with how small he seem's to be. But there's time yet, so perhaps he'll grow to be more like his brothers?

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Dovekit: The youngest of the siblings, and only girl from Bravenight's second litter, Dovekit is a gem. She's very alert, and tends to be a bit bossy- but is really polite, and has a sweet personality. Timidbreeze loves being around her little sister, and hopes that as soon as she's big enough to leave the nursery, she can show her baby sister around.

:bulletblue:Goldflame: Since Goldflame is technically Bravenight's little brother, that mean's he's technically Timidbreeze's uncle- right? Either way, she thinks he's fun to have around, and likes to listen to his stories. He's quite a handsome and young tom yet- so Timidpaw can't help but feel curious as to why he's still single. She doesn't ask questions, however, for that would be rude. He seems to hang around Fallenstar a lot now- probably trading Dawnclan secrets for the raid. Timidbreeze hopes he knows what he's doing.

:bulletblue:Cottonkit: Timidbreeze had adopted Cottonkit, along with her two sisters, shortly after their real mother passed away during their kitting. She finds Cottenkit to be adorable and intriguing. She does wonder how a single little kit could sleep so much- but doesn't mind. Every kit has their special quirks, and it seems Cotton's is sleeping. Anywhere. She often finds herself searching for Cotton, to be sure she hadn't fallen asleep somewhere she wasn't supposed to.

:bulletblue:Milkkit: Milkkit is an absolute doll, according to Timidbreeze. Though she often wonders why Milky seems to pull away, or act shy around her. She's the only mother this kit has known, and it seems as though she resents it. Timidbreeze hopes that what Milkkit is going through is some sort of strange stage. She wants Milkkit to know how loved she really is- but it's hard with four other she-kits to take care of.

:bulletblue:Dandelionkit: Timidbreeze likes to watch Dandelionkit run and play with the other kits, and is glad that she seems to be happy. She wishes to get to know her better as a cat, for she and her sisters are at an age where their personality's begin to form- but it's hard with all the other kit's she has to take care of. Hopefully she can find the time to just sit and talk to her foster daughter.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Morningkit: Timidbreeze's little girl, and precious angel. She loves Morningkit with a deep passion, and tends to go overboard with her motherly protectiveness. She's like this with both her young daughters, though seeing her own adoptive mother in Morning's pelt and eyes, makes her tend to fuss over her slightly moreso than Vixenkit. She isn't picking favorites- she loves them both equally- she just feel's the need to pay her mother back for the loving care she once gave her.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Vixenkit: If there's anything Timidbreeze loves about Vixenkit, it's everything. She adores her daughters bright blue eyes; always full of wonder and curiosity. She also tends to be overbearing when it comes to Vixen's daily grooming. If this is about the fact that Vixen's fur is the softest Timidbreeze has ever felt, she isn't telling. She loves her daughters both equally, but tends to be more cuddly with Vixen. Each of her daughters seem to get equal attention, even though it's in different forms.

:bulletblue:Tornkit: Timidbreeze's adopted little tom.. She doesn't want to think of him as her replacement for Muddykit- but she is very thankful that he came along. He's quite grumpy, and throws a LOT of temper tantrums, but she believe's she can handle him. With enough love and support, this little hairless tom can surely become a sweet little warrior. But, if anyone DARES to make fun of him, or harm him in any way due to how he looks, they could be sure that Timidbreeze will go all out mama-bear mode. She's not a fighter, but she isn't afraid to get her claws bloody when it comes to her babies.

.: Deceased :.

:bulletpurple:Joltflash: Poor Joltflash.. Timidbreeze doesn't even want to think about what Fallenstar said he had to do to her. She feels so heartbroken, knowing that she would have made a wonderful leader, for she was a wonderful deputy. She can't bring herself to look Joltflash's family in the eyes, for in a way, she feel's as if they blame her. 

:bulletpurple:Patchstar: Timidbreeze looked up to Patchstar as a wonderful leader. She finds herself wondering if Patchstar is disappointed in what Fallenstar has done. She was his grandmother, in a way.. Hopefully she'll realize why he had to do it, and maybe, one day, she'll be proud of him.

:bulletblue:Morningshine: Timidbreeze misses her mother dearly, often thinking of her when the weather gets stormy, or rainy. She has dreams about her sometimes, where it seems as though Morningshine is trying to tell her something, but Timidbreeze can never hear what she has to say. She usually wakes up feeling confused and heartbroken. She's quite sad that her mother wasn't there to see her gain her warrior name..

:bulletpurple: Pandamask: Timidbreeze was fond of Pandamask in life, and is still fond of her in death. She hopes that Pandamask is happy in Starclan, and is proud of her for becoming a helper too.

:bulletgreen:Dapplekit: Timidbreeze feels terrible for the death of such a young kit.. She wonders how in Starclan this could have happened? Wounds don't just open like that.. and bleed.. She hopes that Dapplekit is happy in Starclan with her mother now.

:bulletgreen:Frecklewish: Timidbreeze feel's she didn't know Frecklewish long enough, and is devastated that she doesn't have the time to get to know her more. She wishes that they could have become closer as friends.. and hopes to make up for it by taking care of her three small she-kits.

:bulletgreen:Adderpaw: He was a very charming and nice tom to have in Moonclan. Timidbreeze is seriously heartbroken that he passed in the battle against Pebbleclan. She didn't know him well, but she did hear something about him having a sweetheart of his own.. she hopes that his sweetheart will heal in time.

:bulletblue::bulletblue:Muddykit: Timidbreeze's heart broke in two when she discovered her one and only son had passed away. She often finds herself crying at night, wondering what her little Muddybear could have been. Hopefully he's happy in Starclan, playing with Harekit and Rabbitkit. She knows he's in good paws.. and she hopes that her mother's are watching over him.






:bulletred::bulletorange:Nettlepaw: Due to some unexpected circumstances, Timidbreeze was attacked by Nettlepaw on the border of Moonclan and Snowclan. She greatly fears Nettlepaw, for the other she-cat almost killed her. The mention of this other she-cat's name, or a word that sounds similar, put's Timidpaw on edge, and makes her anxious and nervous. She hopes to never see her again.


Although, Timidbreeze admit's that she's quite afraid of Fireclan, and would probably shrink in fear if she ever met one of their cats.



* Timidbreeze's design is actually based off of my real life cat, James.

* Timidbreeze's birth mother passed away when she was very little. She doesn't remember her.

* Timidbreeze's markings are actually perfectly similar to that of her fathers; all but the pink nose and ears, which she got from her mother.

* My idea for Timidbreeze's personality came from Fluttershy (a character from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic).

* Timidbreeze's fear of other's has faded a little since her apprenticeship. She realized that she was going to have to get over her shyness, in order to become a great nursery helper. She's still a bit shy (not to mention timid), but is opening up a little more by the day.

* Timidbreeze's favorite thing to do is observe others. She actually knows a lot about her clan mates, though many don't know her.

* Timidbreeze's scent is somewhat similar to that of her birth mother's. A scent of the calm before the storm, or oncoming rain. She also smells a little like the nursery: moss, and kits.

* Timidbreeze has devoted herself to be the protector of Barleyleap's kits. She has promised herself that she never wants to see her mentor feel loss again; therefore, she has made it her mission that Mosskit and Kestrelkit will always be safe, and protected.

* Timid's favorite food is dove. Not because of the taste, exactly (though she does really like it), but because of the beauty and elegance of the bird. She knows that it isn't a common prey in the territory, so she savor's every bite when she has the opportunity.

* Muddykit didn't die because of the dark cat's or "voices" as Fallenstar and Timidbreeze think. He was actually born stillborn due to her massive injury's sustained from Nettlepaw. Vixenkit and Morningkit were very much so twins in all sense of the word- meaning they were even born inside of the same placenta or "sack." This is what kept them both alive.

* Since Fallenstar disowned his kits, Timid has been very depressed. She tries to hide it, but sometimes falls into dark moods for no reason, and hides herself away so her kits don't see. It seems mostly random, though some things can set her off. Anything involving Fallenstar or her deceased kit, Muddykit, are only two examples.

* Timidbreeze will attack someone who makes fun of/harms Tornkit for any reason. She is not a fighter, but her motherly instincts will push her to harming someone who harms her babies.


Thank you for reading~

Art & TWG: insanityNothing
Timidbreeze TimidCute
Application: MistDapple

**All cat's belong to their rightful owners**


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